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Fruity Candy

If sweet and fruity is for you, these candies

will make you swoon!


Candy Buttons, Chuckles, Black Cow, Sugar Daddy, Now and Later, Gold Mine gum, Lemonheads, Mary Janes, and many, many more! It's not just a gift - it's a stroll down memory lane!

Imagine your siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, preachers, or anyone who loved their childhood opening this box and reliving old times with friends and family. We've seen in our candy shop people who see these old candies and immediately start to recall great memories, like a time when they lived in a certain town, or worked at a certain place, or even a time when they fell in love, had children, fought through a difficult time, or had incredible success. The stories they tell are amazing to hear, and they were brought about simply by seeing a candy they haven't seen in a long time, but loved as a child!

See what we mean? This ain't just a gift - it's a memory, it's history, it's lineage.
 Send it to your loved ones today!

Content may vary based upon availability of candies.

Sour candy, fruity candy, retro candy, chocolate candy, and ice cream!

Is there a better gift for someone than the gift of great childhood memories? The Ultimate Retro Candy Box is the ultimate stroll down memory lane! Featuring 25 of the most iconic candies of the past 60 years, this gift is sure to please anyone from Great Grandpa to Great Grandchild. And we can ship it anywhere in the continental United States, so your loved ones coast-to-coast can enjoy their favorite childhood candies! We can also customize the candies to your exact liking.

Soft serve ice cream

Our creamy, delicious soft serve ice cream is the perfect cure for any sweet tooth!

flavor combinations

Snickers, Skittles, Almond Joy, Caramel Espresso, and more!

sour candy

Can you handle extreme sour? Find out!

more than 30 flavors

Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, and Tutti Frutti, just to name a few!


Chocolate Candy

Milk chocolate. Dark Chocolate. White Chocolate. It's like heaven!

ice cream menu


Our Ultimate Retro Candy Box is stuffed full of some of the most iconic retro candies ever made!