Bartlett's Candy House - The Ultimate Retro Candy Box



What You Get

Our Ultimate Retro Candy Box is stuffed full of some of the most iconic retro candies ever made!

Chuckles, Black Cow, Sugar Daddy, Now and Later, Gold Mine gum, Lemonheads, Candy Buttons, and more!

It's not just a gift - it's a stroll down memory lane!

Imagine your siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, preachers, or anyone who loved their childhood opening this box and reliving old times with friends and family, or a time when they lived in a certain town, or worked at a certain place, or even a time when they fell in love, had children, fought through a difficult time, or had incredible success.

See what we mean? This ain't just a gift - it's a memory!

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Monday - Fri 11a - 5p

Sat & Sun 10a - 5p

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OUR mission 

To help create the greatest place on earth. Not here in this little shop, but at your home. For the kids to be having the greatest time of their lives eating delicious candy, ice cream, popcorn, sno-cones and more, and running themselves ragged in one of our inflatables. For you and your friends and family to be sitting under the shade of a tent on a beautiful day, with the ability to have great conversation, uninterrupted, and to just relax for a few hours knowing the kids are well-occupied and safe. For you to send love to out-of-town family and friends, or say "Thank you!" to customers and employees, if your a business owner.

 As we grow, we’ll continue to add more of the things that will help enhance this experience. Our mission is to provide an environment where you and your loved ones are having fun, laughing, reconnecting with each other, relaxing, and pausing for a moment to look around and say, “Right now, this is the greatest place on earth.” 

your home for family fun!

Bartlett's Candy House has the largest selection of retro candy in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Ice cream

Retro Candy

We have over 30 flavors of delicious soft serve ice cream! Grab a cone, a shake, or even a brownie sundae today! 

The Ultimate Retro Candy Box! Candy lovers will everywhere can relive childhood memories with this gift packed full of old-time candy favorites! Purchase online, or in store!

211 W. Railroad Ave. Bartlett, IL 60103

(630) 777- 6364